Corporate and Commercial Advisory

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Business Structures

Regularly ironing out the kinks is essential for a smooth running business.

Be it the entity in which your business is housed, the holding structure for the entity or the work-flow agreements
between the entity and its partners, there may be several leakages that may need to be ironed out.

We have experience in setting up the entire business work-flow documentation for companies in fintech, SaaS, AI and
pharma-tech spaces.

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Data Privacy

Data is the new currency and the consumer is the new (data) product.

The global regime for data privacy has already undergone a dramatic shift with the adoption of the GDPR by the EU in
2018. Indian legislation is not too far behind – The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 was tabled in the Indian
Parliament on 11 December 2019 and is currently being analyzed by a Joint Parliamentary Committee. The PDP Bill itself
is largely modeled on the GDPR and includes the right to be forgotten.

We have helped several companies, whether they depend on online traffic / data analytics or not, prepare a new data
privacy policy in line with the PDP Bill. Our Founder also holds private workshops for select clients to train their
in-house teams on privacy issues.


Key features of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019

Emerging Technology Agreements

The world is changing. Technology is changing. Don’t lag behind.

Technology is rapidly disrupting businesses and what’s normal is now an evolving definition. It takes legislators a while
to catch up and you don’t have the time to wait until then. Our team of tech-savvy lawyers is well-placed to
understand your tech business and present you with the right solutions. We are excited to disrupt the status quo with you!

Franchising Arrangements

You have built a successful model and now it’s time to scale up!

Several businesses, particularly those in the hospitality, F&B and wellness spaces, find the franchising model an
attractive way to scale. We have helped clients build a franchising model from scratch.


Why should the franchisee purchase a franchise?

IP Licensing

Intellectual property may be intangible, but essential nevertheless.

Intellectual property is intangible – yet it’s everywhere. We have experience in advising clients on strategically
important issues relating to IP, including: (i) whether to apply for patent or not; (ii) which entity should own the
trademark; (iii) whether purchasing a competitor’s software would infringe their copyright.

Commercial Lease

Leasing in the time of Covid-19 has more nuances to it than before.

Where your office is located plays a role in what your business identity is. In some cases, for instance COVID-19, you’d
want a lease which has some flexibility built into it. Our team has experience in negotiating commercial leases and in
identifying the right levers for you.