Debt Financing

Our banking and finance team members have worked closely with a number of multinational banks, private and public sector banks and leading NBFCs in the areas of Corporate Banking, Institutional Banking, Private Banking, Consumer Banking, Trade Finance and Microfinance. Members of our banking team have expertise in a variety of transactions including domestic loans, external commercial borrowing, acquisition finance, project finance, structured finance and re-financing transactions.

Your venture needs quick financing, and you are not confident of completing the
time-consuming process of an equity round in time.

Enter venture debt. You dilute a lesser stake, extend the cash runway (even between equity rounds) and avoid being
squeezed into a down-round. We are well-placed to advise you on the nuances of venture debt agreements and can
guide you through the world of warrants.

Still have questions?

You are in the business of giving loans and need to assess whether to lend to a
company or not.

Our banking practice comprises of leading professionals who have had extensive experience in representing the most
prestigious banks and NBFCs in India and overseas. We have the capabilities to assist with due diligence, the entire loan
documentation and enforceability opinions.

You have approached a lender for a loan and are anxious of the lengthy clauses in
the documents.

We can help you navigate the documentation and help you understand what you are signing up for. Our professionals
have drafted and negotiated these documents for several noteworthy lenders and are highly experienced in such