Employment Matters

Know all about employment laws, practices and strategies to build a stable, long
running business.

C-Suite Executives | Equity, ESOPs and Employment

We help you overcome the agency problem or the conflict of interest between
the company’s management and its shareholders

Every business needs to create great leaders to succeed. Unless the top of the pyramid is adequately incentivised, they
may not be motivated to succeed. We are highly experienced in crafting agreements with senior executives and advise
companies on a regular basis.

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Mid-level Employees

The mid-level management is the human capital backbone of any company.

Unless the HR practices, policies and employee agreements are aligned with the company philosophy, productivity may
not live up to potential. We have significant experience in advising on this piece.

Separation and Settlement

It’s never easy to say goodbye.

Departures at the top may rattle a company’s workforce. We are experienced in advising on the terms of separation and
settlement with senior employees so that their exit is smooth and the transition is seamless.