Find out how we can help you as an entrepreneur through foundation, funding
and angel investment

Foundation Bricks

You have an idea and you have the grit to make it happen. We love it!

Stoicus Legal is itself an entrepreneurial venture and we understand at a very deep level what drives an entrepreneur.
Whether it is preparing the Founders’ Agreement, advising on setting up the entity and holding structure, or setting up
all the agreements for the entire business flow from scratch to finish, our team is well-versed with issues faced by start-ups
and have a bias for fast action.

We have experience in advising entrepreneurial ventures engaged in SaaS, refurbished electronics, last-mile delivery
of vaccines, ITES, e-pharmacy, edu-tech, space-tech
and energy-tech spaces on laying the right foundation bricks.


Whom do I call a co-founder?
How do I ensure continuity of business if one of my core team leaves?
How can I incentivise talented young people to join my venture?
Do I have to incorporate a private limited company, or can I continue as a sole proprietorship?
What are the permits I need to obtain to get my business off the ground?

Still have questions?

Funding from Friends, Family (And Fools)

Someone apart from yourself believes in your idea. Congratulations!

But wait, this is family and friends we are talking about and you’re going to want to continue seeing them even if your
venture doesn’t work out. It can get tricky if you shy away from having the right conversation upfront. While it’s great
that your family or friends believe in you, the entrepreneur still must strike a fine balance.

We have experience in advising SaaS and children’s toy companies on structuring investments from their respective
families and friends. Our team at Stoicus will guide you, legally and strategically, through these sensitive matters.


How can I ensure that their interests are protected when other investors enter in the future?
How can I structure the investment from friends and family in a way that I set expectations right and don’t have to worry about them asking me about financials the next time I have dinner with them?

Angel Round

You’ve got proof of concept and at least 1 paying customer.

You’re looking to raise money which will help you: (i) enhance manufacturing and selling; (ii) market yourself well to the
right customers; and/or (iii) hire the right team.

Angels are a group of high net-worth individuals who usually invest together as a network in start-ups they believe in.
Their appetite for risk is high and their look-out is to get the start-up to the stage where it is valuable enough for them
to exit and make a profit. The ticket-size of the investment usually ranges between USD 0.25 – 0.5 million. Some angels
are also great mentors to the founder and open the right doors for them.

Our Founder is highly experienced in these matters and is an angel investor himself. Our team has experience in
advising on angel investments in companies engaged in SaaS, oncological research, health-tech, tourism aggregation,
auto-assist, confectioneries, F&B
and space-tech. We have represented both sides – angel investors as well as the
investee company.


What is a convertible note? Do I need a valuation to issue a note?
Do I offer compulsorily convertible preference shares or equity to the angels?
How do I come to know the start-up’s valuation?