Family Offices

Sometimes you are so close to the problem, that you don’t see the problem. Family
businesses often deal with this. We will provide you with a much needed vantage point.

Succession Planning

“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think”.

This is what the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote in his journal ‘Meditations’. This line is a powerful beacon for us
to focus only on what’s relevant, but also a grim reminder of the inevitable.

There is a real need in today’s world to plan ahead to ensure that the wealth we work so hard for is passed on to our loved
ones when we pass on. Our Founder advises on preserving wealth for the next generation, whether through wills or
through trusts.


When does one make a will and when does one create a trust?
What are the points to remember when preparing a will?

Still have questions?

Holding Structure

Adopting best practices is essential for an optimum holding structure.

In the licensing and quota regime that existed pre-liberalisation, several families created several companies
to overcome the challenges. This web of companies may be at odds with the need to simplify business verticals and
aligning interests of stakeholders.

Similarly, several families that are promoters of listed companies end up holding shares in the names of individual
family members – this may not be an ideal situation.

Our Founder advises families on streamlining their shareholding structures.


Learn how to make the best investments and safeguard the existing ones.

Families often invest in other businesses which they don’t control – these may be companies run by family friends or
promising start-ups which have been founded by independent entrepreneurs. Since the flavour of these investments
may vary between friendship and business, it’s important to have clarity on the underlying relationship. We advise on
how the family’s wealth may be protected while making such investments.

Family Constitution

Know more about balancing the family and business aspects.

In the case of many Indian family-run businesses, the leader wears many hats: family patriarch / matriarch, business
owner and shareholder. There are bound to be differences in the priorities of the various stakeholders involved. How
does one balance competitiveness with compassion? Our Founder advises families on treading the fine line.